Find Model & Size

How to Find the Model & Size of Your Prescription Glasses 

Prescription glasses or optical grade glasses always have their model name and model number printed on the inside of either the right or left temple (arm) of the frame; model names and model numbers are not always printed in the same place.  Some models have just a model name, but no model number, and vise versa. 

A model size can be found either on the temple, on the center piece (called the bridge), or the nose pad of the frame.

Model names are often descriptive words such as Irreverent by Oakley.


The model name, the model number, and the eye/bridge size are the most important factors to selecting the correct custom fit clip-on sunglasses for your frame. The model name is usually printed on one of the temple arms. If it is not printed on your frame we can still use the model number and size to make a pair of custom fit clip-on sunglasses. 

The model number is a series of digits with or without a leading code name such as OX1062 for the Oakley Irreverent.


The model size can be found on one of the temples, inside the center bridge, or inside the nose pad.  It usually has a square symbol (□) to separate the eye size (46, 48, 50, 52, 54, etc) from the bridge size (14, 16, 18, etc).


For example, 5218 is the size for our OAKLEY IRREVERENT OX1062 52X18 product on our 88CLIPON web site.

Any other numbers with or without code name are references of to the frame color, material, or style cannot be used to identify the model of your prescription frame. 

Sometimes the exact size of a model cannot be found on our web site. However, we almost always have the size at one of our retail stores.  If we cannot find the size at one of our stores, and the model is relatively new, we can always order it from the manufacturer to make a custom clip-on for it.  This usually takes 3 to 5 extra days.  We welcome our customers to place a note in their order with their exact size and model, and we will fulfill the order to the specific instructions in just a few extra days.