Questions & Answers

Q: polarized lenses?

A: Our polarized lenses are made of durable poly-carbonate (PC) and provide 100% UV protection, blocking out UVA and UVB 400 rays.  Our lenses are approved by FDA. Our polarized lenses have anti-reflective (AR) coating on the back side to further reduce glare. Back to Top.

Q: mirrored lenses?

A: Our mirrored lenses have the oleophobic coating on the front side to prevent scratches, and back side with AR coating.  All our mirrored lenses have the brown lens as the base. Back to Top.

Q: what is the selection of our lens colors and their benefits?

A: We have 12 lens colors for you to choose from, depending on your lifestyle, purpose, and frame color. Please see our Lens Choice page for details.  Back to Top.

Q: shipping and tracking?

A: We ship our products worldwide.  It takes us 2 days to make your orders as we have no inventory, and everything is hand-made by opticians in USA.  When your place an order with us, our system will send you an order confirmation email, and later a shipment notice email after we make and ship your orders.  The shipping notice email has a link for you to track your shipment status.  Back to Top.

Q: how to put on our clip-on sunglasses?

A: Our lenses are connected by an alloy metal bridge, which has a hidden clamp.  On the clamp, there is a tab to open two legs on the bridge. The bridge needs to sit on top of an eyeglasses bridge. Back to Top.

Q: my shipment is late?

A: We may defer making your orders because you might have not given us the model and size information when purchasing our products.  Please provide the model and size information at checkout.  To find the model and size information on a frame, please visit our "Find Model & Size" page.  Back to Top.

Q: warranty?

A: We offer a 14-day return policy, and one-year warranty.  Back to Top.

Q: repair during warranty period?

A: Please ship back your clip-on to us and provide your order number or new address so that we may know where to ship it back to you.  Repair is free for US customers, and shipping charge is required for international customers.  Back to Top.

Q: credit card information?

A: Our payment method includes PayPal, all credit cards, Amazon, Google, and Apple Pay.  We do not store your credit card information at our website.  Back to Top.

Q: refund?

A: Refund will be applied to your original payment method, and it takes about 7 days for our credit card processor, PayPal Braintree, to refund.  Back to Top.

Q: custom make program?

A: We would like you to send us your frame or scan images for us to custom make a clip-on for you if our store currently does not have your frame. We gives the highest priority to Custom Make program - Customer sends us his or her frame to us.  For details, please visit our Custom Make Program page.  Back to Top.

Q: how do I scan my frames and send you the 2 images?

A: We need to have at least 2 scan images from your copier, one on the front and the other on the top.  Please send us scan images in JPG or PDF format. Photo images are discouraged as they have distortion.  When scanning your frame, you must put a well-known coin as a sizing reference because your ruler and ours might have slight differences.  Please watch our YouTube video clip here, or download our 88clipon.pdf here for the scan instruction.  Back to Top.

Q: what if I entered a model or size that did not match what I ordered?

A: It is fine.  If your size is different from what you order, we can 100% make it for you as we have different sizes of the model at our stores.  If the model is different, 90% of the time, we might also have the frame at our stores to make you the first custom clip-on sunglasses of the model and size you entered. In a rare occasion, we might need you to send us your frame or scan images of your frame because the frame might be discontinued by the manufacturer, and we could not locate the frame to make you the custom order.

Q: office hours and locations?

A: We open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday, except for holidays.  Sunday is our day to worship the Creator.  We are located in El Monte, California, USA, and our time zone is Pacific Standard Time (PST).  Back to Top.

Q: our model frames?

A: We are a subsidiary of an optical chain store.  We have over 1000 eyeglasses frames at our stores.  We make our clip-on sunglasses, based on the original, genuine eyeglasses frames.  Our customers have sent us hundreds of their frames and scan images for us to make custom clip-on sunglasses as well.  Back to Top.

Q: our key benefits?

A: accurate, light-weight, durable, protective, convenient, comfortable, and best valued in its class.  Please see details at "Why Choose Us?" page.  Back to Top.

Q: best ways to reach us?

A: At peak season (May to August every each), we are always short on staff. If we do not answer your phone calls, we will call you back within 24 hours.  eMail would be the best way to reach us for your questions and orders.  For existing customers, please use your order confirmation email for any questions you might have.  For customers of other channels, please also email us and  tell your order number and the channel you purchased our products so that we might properly identify your order.  Back to Top.

Q: where to buy our products?

A: We offer our products online and in-store.  We have product listing in all major market places, such as eBay, Amazon, etc.  Also, we have tens of optical stores, carrying our products.  Retail optical stores will take your order and enter information at our systems to fulfill your orders.  Back to Top.