88 Clip-On Custom Make

Can't find your eyeglasses model at our website? There are 4 different ways to order Custom Clip-on Sunglasses from us:

  1. Send us your frame for just $48.88 a pair, and second pair is only $38.88.  To order this, click here please.
  2. Send us scan images of your frame for just $58.88, and second pair is only $38.88.  To order this, click here please.
  3. We order a genuine frame to make your custom order for just $78.88, and second pair is only $38.88. To order this, click here please.
  4. For your rimless frame, we would like you to send us the frame like in No. 1 item above, or send us scan images like No. 2 above.  It is $58.88 for the first pair, and second pair will be just $38.88.  To order this, click here please.

Note: We strongly encourage you to send us your frame for us to make you a custom clip-on sunglasses to ensure a perfectly matching clip-on sunglasses for your frame.  If you can not depart with your eyeglasses, please send us scan images, and here is the 88clipon.pdf for the scan instruction

How much time will it take us to ship your custom order?

  1. 3 business days after we receive your frame or scan images.
  2. 10 business days after we obtain the genuine frame from our stores.

For a limited time only:

For each additional pair of your custom order, simply add this first product with a color selection to your shopping cart, and then add the same item with the same or different color to your cart by clicking the Continue Shopping link inside the Proceed to Checkout box .  For each different color selection, you need to add the same product to your cart with a different color.  Each additional pair with the same or different color will be just $38.88 a pair, and that is a bargain for custom made clip-on sunglasses in today's optical market!!!

On top of the above second-pair discount, at checkout, we will apply additional 10% off for a total order over $85.  If you are a repeating customer, another 10% will be applied automatically as well.

Note: When shipping your frame to us, please package it securely to protect it and place the order confirmation or a note to indicate your order number so that we may properly identify which order the frame is for.  We will securely ship back your frame along with its custom clip-on sunglasses with insurance up to $600.

Our shipping address to mail in your frame (same displayed at our website and order confirmation email):

88ClipOn by Medicomm Inc.
3447 Peck Road, Unit D
El Monte, CA 91731
(800)588-3754  Mon-Sat 10AM to 4PM California time zone (PST)