88 Clip-On Instruction to Send Scan Images

Instruction for Customers to Send Scan Images

pdf-icon.jpg(88ClipOn Custom Make Instruction and Benefit Statements.pdf)

1. Have a scanner or a photocopier (Xerox or copy machine) with the scanner function.  (Please do not send us FAX images as the resolution will not allow us to create.)

2. Scan the front and top of your frame along with a well-known coin as a sizing reference, and save the 2 images in JPEG or PDF format. You do NOT need to adjust the images quality.

3. Reply back to the sales confirmation email from where you placed your order. Write the coin’s name, your frame’s brand, model number, and size in the reply email and then attach the 2 scanned images. Click here to find out how to "Find Model & Size" on your eyeglasses frame.

4. Click "88CLIPON.pdf"  to download the scan instruction.