Lens Choices

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We offer 13 different most popular polarized lenses for today's lifestyles, benefits, and matching your frame's color:

Grey & Grey Gradient: Limited color distortion for daily outdoor and driving.

Brown & Brown Gradient: Offer better contrast against blue and green background and depth perception. Ideal for fishing and golfing.  BTW, US Army tank drivers wear Brown polarized goggles.

Purple Gradient: High fashion for lady's Rx eyeglasses.

Gradient offers the same benefits as the regular grey and brown with a high-fashion and trendy look.  The lower portion of a gradient lens is convenient for reading.

Green G-15: Show true color and reduce glare in bright sunlight.  Ideal for ballplayers.

Night Vision: Amplify contrast in low light conditions. Ideal for shooting and driving at night time.

Computer Blue-Light Blocking (non-polarized): Block high-energy visible blue light from all sources to prevent dry eyes, headache, and blurred vision from digital eyestrain.

Mirrored polarized varieties: Reflect light away from your eyes more than the above polarized lens to 1) provide brighter fields of vision, 2) more durable, and 3) anonymity. Best for high-fashion look and for people with very light sensitive eyes.

All our mirrored lenses have the base lens color in Brown polarized lens.  Mirrored lenses will block out additional light due to their reflective surface. 


Benefits Summary


  1. Ultra light weight.   The average weight of a pair of our clip-on is less than 0.3 oz.

            Figure 1: our feather weight clip weighs 0.17 oz. here



  1. FDA approved PC polarized lenses. The lenses on each clip are carefully crafted, and the bridge that the lenses hang from is made with recycled plastic material.


  1. No ugly top bar and extruding prongs like many other clip-on sunglasses.  Our products are designed without scratching the frame or lenses of your eyeglasses. 88CLIPON sunglasses has a bridge with a  hidden spring clamp to secure it to the nose arms of your eyeglasses. 

           Figure 2: old fashion metal clip with a top bar and prongs


           Figure 3: our new innovative hidden bridge for 88CLIPON


  1. Slide-free sitting to secure our clip to your glasses. Our custom fit clip has cut notches on both lenses to fit around bumpy hinges usually seen on a prescription frame so that our clip lays on top a frame or lenses with no space in between our clip and Rx lenses.

           Figure 4: notches to snug fit a clip over bumpy hinge design


           Figure 5: tight fit with a minimal gap between our sun lenses and Rx lenses    

  1. In addition to custom-shaped fit on top of a Rx frame, some of our clips fit around the inside of the frame grooves to further secure it to the frame. Doesn't our clip on look attractive when it sits perfectly on top of Rx lenses?

           Figure 6: our clip can fit over a frame or lens shape with a perfect fit


            Figure 7: a perfect fit over lenses


  1. Perfect match to any lens and frame shape. Our clip-ons are pre-cut by precise laser etchings to perfectly match your lens or frame shape. The end result makes a pair of prescription glasses with our clip look like another pair of prescription glasses with our clip on look like a pair of sunglasses of the same model.

              Figure 8: our clip fits over lenses and secured by frame grooves as another design option


  1. Our innovative design and precise laser etching method provide custom fit for plastic and metal frames. Also, our clip might be the best custom fit for semi-rimless and rimless frames in today’s market.

  1. Figure 9: our clip fits over semi-rimless and rimless frames


    Figure 10: our clip with notches to go around hinges of a rimless frame for best fitting and minimal gap



  1. Offer competitive prices compared to "Made in China” alternatives or any other clips in the market today. 

  1. Made in USA.   All orders are processed next day and ready to deliver in 7 working days or less.

  1. What more could we afford to do with our latest 88CLIPON innovation? We provide a shatter-proof sleek case to protect our clip inside a tight pocket. Other custom clip-on companies supply a plastic bag to hold their clip on. Our return and exchange policy is one way we express our confidence in workmanship, materials, and fitting of our clip on. 

              Figure 12: our slim and contoured carrying case