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 Wearing and Break In Instructions

88CLIPON sunglasses


Like a new pair of shoes, you need to break in your new custom made 88CLIPON sunglasses.   If you have had prescription glasses for a long time, the frame might not be in its original shape due to adjustments made by your optician or yourself, therefore a minor adjustment to your new 88CLIPON sunglasses will be necessary to ensure a perfect and sturdy fit to your prescription glasses.

Comfort will never be an issue for the custom made 88CLIPON sunglasses since they do not come in contact with your face or eyes and they are very light weight (less than 0.20 oz.). Also, because of a close, custom fit, only a minimal amount of light will be able to break the seal between your Rx lenses and your 88CLIPON sunglasses.


The instructions provided below will work for a right-handed person or a left-handed person.

Wearing Instruction:

  1.  Open the latch of the slim protective carrying case.



  1. Press the clamp on top of the bridge and remove the 88CLIPON sunglasses out of the inner pocket of the case.



  1. Open the tempes of your Rx frame and hold the left hinge with three fingers like holding a pen while resting the nose pads on your palm below your thumb. Have the right temple rest on your wrist.



  1. Press the clamp and slide down the sunglasses at the center of your prescription glasses.



  1. Make sure the two securing legs are on the outside of the nose pad arms of your frame.



  1. Reverse the above steps to remove the sunglasses and clamp it back to the pocket of the carrying case so that the sunglasses will not move around in the case.




Adjustment Instruction:

  1. In a very rare case that you might need to squeeze or extend the two securing legs to make your sunglasses attached more to the nose pad arms of your frame.



  1. If your Rx lenses are thicker than usual, you need to pull the two securing legs out so that there will be more space between the sunglasses and your lenses.



  1. Never adjust your Rx frame. You only need to adjust your sunglasses to fit on your frame as each of our custom made 88CLIPON sunglasses is carefully assembled and adjusted by following the original frame’s model.


  1. In some rare cases due to the shape of your frame might be out of alignment, you might need to bend the sunglasses either outward or inward to make it attached closer to your frame or lenses, depending on the model of your sunglasses and the extent of misalignments.


  1. In the very rare case that the pegs come loose and the center bridge is separated from one of two polarized lenses due to excessive force to bend the sunglasses , you may need to place the loosing peg back into the holes of a lens and to attach the lens back to the bridge.



As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your new custom made 88CLIPON sunglasses for any reason, you may return it to us for refund, exchange, or adjustment within 30 days. We do request you to send the sunglasses in its original condition along with its original carrying case to ensure the sunglasses is not damaged during shipping.


For any of the above inconvenient incident, we do hope that you send us an email with your original order information attached for prompt services at admin@88clipon.com. Within 10 to 15 days, we will handle your case to your satisfaction. We appreciate your business and patience; your satisfaction always remains to be our number one priority.  



88CLIPON is an after-market manufacturer of clip-on sunglasses based on a customer’s request or provided brand name prescription glasses frame to make a closest match with the frame or lens shape.

All mentioned brand names are registered trademarks of their own trademark holders. 88CLIPON does not affiliate with any mentioned brand names or their trademarks and logos.


Contact Information:

Website: www.88clipon.com

Email: admin@88clipon.com

Phone: (800) 588-3754

Account Executive and Customer Service are available from 10 AM to 4 PM California Time Monday through Saturday.












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